for laptop orchestra and vibraphone soloist

With this piece I wanted to give the laptop performers the opportunity to interact with the soloist in a more traditional way — by listening, responding. I was also interested in doing a piece in which the laptop performers don’t actually touch their computers (it turns out that they do touch them for one section) so I used the built-in microphone to control the sound and Dance Dance Revolution pads to change more global aspects of the piece. The soloist is an incredible improvisor so I wanted to leverage those skills. He and I worked together to create a framework that shapes the piece, but gives him considerable freedom.

The bulk of the software is written in ChucK. There is a GUI that displays information about the current state of the software as well as performance instructions/music. The GUI is a stand-alone app which was made with Max.

Zip file containing Äntligen video (109.7MB)
Zip file containing software for Äntligen (12.1MB)

NB: The laptops used for PLOrk are configured in a very specific way. The software expects the computer to be configured in this way and thus will not run without significant tinkering. Therefore the software is submitted for your perusal only.