EMvibe concert debut

by Cameron on May 15, 2012

The EMvibe made it’s first concert appearance on Saturday May 12 on the Queens New Music Festival. From here it’s off to NIME where I’ll be doing an EMvibe demo and presenting a paper. Here’s video from the concert in Queens. I’ll probably break this up into smaller chunks at some point, but for now [...]


janus video

by Cameron on December 13, 2011

Tom Deneuville posted this nice interview with janus on I Care if You Listen which also includes a performance of Gossamer Albatross about six minutes in.


The Gaits

by Cameron on November 29, 2011

The Gaits is a project that Lainie Fefferman, Jascha Narveson, Daniel Iglesia and myself have created for Make Music New York’s Make Music Winter event on December 21. Participants in The Gaits will download a free iPhone app and participate in a sound walk on the High Line at 5:30. It promises to be one [...]


Thanks to the Tennessee Tech Percussion Ensemble and Eric Willie for this great performance of Parts & Sums.